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Information about my first book, a collection of short stories called We Are Not The Same Anymore, can be found here, like a blurb and the cover and some cover quotes and review quotes, where people said things like “sadness” and “dark humour” and “restraint” and “cohesion” and “struggles”. It was shortlisted for the Steele Rudd award but didn’t win and one of the stories was included in Best Australian Stories 2013.

I was born in Launceston in 1984, grew up in Hobart, and now live in Melbourne. I’ve taught creative writing at the University of Queensland, Griffith University, the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Sometimes I do drawings for magazines. I can be followed on twitter @chrisomerville. I only have a personal Facebook page, which I hate anyway. I can always be emailed at somerville(dot)chris(at)gmail(dot)com